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OST Activities


OST are activities provided after school in which students can participate. Staff at Deep Creek-Damascus K-8 School provides the instruction and supervision. Activities run in sessions, usually one session per trimester. Students must complete an OST registration form and an After School Release Form to participate. Sign up forms are available in the tower across from the office.  Transportation is available.

Current Activities:  

Session 3: April 1 - June 6

Homework Club (grades 4-8)

Book Club (grades 4-5)

Art/Sketchbook (grades 4-5)

Art/Drawing (grades 6-8)

Board Games (grades 4-5)

Beginning Volleyball Skills (grades 5-7

Intermediate Volleyball Skills (grades 5-7)

Calligraphy (grades 3-5)

Readers Theatre (grades 4-6)

Headshot of Amy Kendall

 OST Coordinator:
 Amy Kendall